How does route planning work and how are travel experiences recorded?

Route planning and the generation of a travel diary are consolidated in an intuitive operation. The starting point is always the travel route with its waypoints. Once en route or on returning from your journey, you can directly record and document your experiences for the respective waypoint. Simply write a commentary and upload a couple of pictures and bingo! If you experience something special in a particular place, which you would like to share or record, simply add a new waypoint and make the relevant commentary. In this way you create your personal travel diary with your experiences and photographic souvenirs as your journey progresses.

Two different presentation formats make it easier for you to find your way:

In the "compact view" the individual waypoints are presented in the form of a list. This gives you an overview of your route and you can simply adapt these, add new waypoints or change the order of the waypoints. The compact view also lets you find quickly the waypoint, for which you want to note your experience.

The"diary view" presents the travel route with your commentaries and photos in an attractive lay-out, which makes reading your experiences inviting. In this view you can do more work on the design, by processing texts and adding or deleting pictures and in this way you create your very own personal travel diary. If you wish, you can share these experiences with the Free on Tour community or your friends in line with the slogan: a shared pleasure is the best pleasure!

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