How do I create a new route or copy it?

The menu item "Route" takes you to the overview page of all published routes.

To plan your own route, please proceed as follows:

1. Select the field "Plan your own route" in the upper right corner.
2. blank route opens
3. Now you can create your personal route using the fields "Waypoint" "Report" "Day" (to be found under the map).

If you want to copy a route of a Freeontour member and individualize it for yourself, you can do this with the button "Copy Route".

1. select the "+" sign in the upper right corner
2 Select a title for your route and a description text and title picture (can be changed afterwards).
3. click on "next" in the upper right corner
4. a blank route opens
5. at the bottom right you can now add a waypoint, report or day using the "+" sign.

The function to copy a route is currently only available in the portal.

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